New Year’s Day is celebrated on the wrong date, according to the Bible!

The True New Year falls in the Spring, the month of ABIB: “This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you.” Exodus 12:2.

CONTEMPLATE ON THIS: December is the tenth month of the year, not the twelth. The evidence is in the names. SEPT-ember=Seven, OCTO-ber=Eight, NOV-ember=Nine, DEC-ember=Ten. Deuteronomy 16 “Observe the month of ABIB, and keep the Passover unto the Lord thy God. Exodus 12:2 “This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.”

*Additional consideration: The BIBLE is the ONLY book, considered to be sacred, that starts right where the One True Creator would start, AT CREATION! No other writings can claim the same! (Look to begin blogging through the Bible in a year, right here, starting at the top of the REAL New Year!)

*Before we go on blogging through the Bible, an overview of the history of the calendar will be considered to contemplate on how both the fall Jewish September date and the winter Gregorian January calendar dates veered so off track from the original, God-given, Biblical guidelines for the beginning of the year to be in the Spring, during the barley harvest.

After our quick review of the history of the calendar, we will begin blogging through the beginning of the Bible at a pace that will allow us to focus on Exodus 12:2, the text that reveals the appropriate date for the New Year, as set by God, which would be Abib (now known as Nisan, as per the change made during the Jew’s Babylonian captivity). This time frame falls on March 14, this year, 2021, on our Gregorian Calendar. We will, thus time tbe progression of this blog to be at the twelth chapter of Exodus on March 14, 2021.

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