Cellphone visitors, TAP ON THE ABOVE TITLE TO SEE THIS POST IN ITS ENTIRETY. If it is past March 15th and you’ve already read these first two introductory posts, pinned to the top, scroll past to view the current day, as we blog through the Bible in a year.

This blog follows human history from a Biblical perspective, starting at the beginning, with creation, following on through. Its format is historical fiction genre, just as my novel series, “THE FATHER AND HIS FAMILY”, that this blog follows, with the first book entitled “HIS-STORY BEGINS”!

In blogging through the Bible in a year, we will follow the actual BIBLICAL calendar, as established by God, at creation, most likely having taken place some 5781 to 5782 ago, according to the year count on the Jewish calendar. Regardless of where our Gregorian or the Jewish civic calendar places the New Year, according to the Biblical calendar, the correct NEW YEAR is marked by the timing of the Barley Harvest in the spring. The beginning of the month is determined by the proper phase of the moon. This puts the beginning of the first Biblical month, Abib, on Monday, March 15th of this year. As the Biblical days start from sundown to sundown, rather that sun-up to sun-up, look, therefore, for this website to go LIVE on Sunday, March 14th, to blog through the Bible in a year, rather than beginning with our familiar winter new year. The Biblical New Year correlates with MARCH 15, on our 2021 Gregorian calendar. According to the Bible, the New Year falls on the God established, Biblical month of Abib 1, as God sets the beginning of the New Year, with Moses, in correlation to their exodus from Egyptian captivity in Exodus 12, while chapter 23 of the same book, puts that event in the month of Abib. The month of Abib is currently known as Nison, on the current Jewish calendar, as the name of the month was changed during the Babylonian captivity. There were many other areas of daily life, according to the Bible, that were changed, during that time, such as the actual timeframe of the New Year being changed from spring to fall. It is, still that way today, observing their revised New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah, following their civic calendar, rather than the actual Biblical calendar.

INTERESTING POINT TO PONDER: Evidence that current calendar observations is out of sync with original observations of times and seasons is hidden in the names of months, such as SEPT-ember=Seven, OCTO-ber=Eight, NOV-ember=Nine, DEC-ember=Ten.

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