This blog reflects my soon to be published novel series, “The Father and His Family”, that follows human history, from a Biblical perspective, told in historical fiction genre, written in novel format, for an enjoyable “you-are-there” kind of read. The first book, “His-Story Begins” is about to make its debut, with ongoing update announcements, made easily accessible with repeat visits back to this “About Page” on http://www.bloggingthroughbible.com. The first book starts from creation and follows through, to just after the flood, when Nimrod begins to build the Tower of Babel, with his attempt to establish a World Order, for the first time, in human history (1). (More about Nimrod, himself-follow this link: https://3182d453b68388416980-71bc4c8fd3e50b4ee0e248e517d3026f.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/h264-720/t/0e4896227_1579853534_te-a-biblical-profile-of-nimrod-video.mp4 ) Our Heavenly Father emphatically reacts to this by making His position known, as He wastes no time in confounding language to scatter people groups all over the earth. He even goes so far as to allow a major earthquake to break up the one big landmass, called the Pangea, to form the seven (2) separate continents that we know today. This further keeps people groups separated!

CONTINUE TO CHECK BACK, often, to this blogging sites’s “ABOUT PAGE” at http://www.blogging-through-the-bible.com / look for the “ABOUT” Page FOR ONGOING UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT BOOK PUBLICATION RELEASE DATES. The option is also available to email me at BibleNovel@aol.com to request updates. That way I will have your specific email on file to contact you directly! Please note “UPDATE” in the subject line. Sure do look forward to hearing from you!

This project has developed me in the areas of Bible. language and historical research, as well as writing. Writing has always been a gift from God, evident soon after coming into this world. I always knew that I would write for Him. It is, only, with this project, that it becomes clear, to me, as to how my abilities will be used.

I, as narrator, of this story, convey our earthly human history, like we are there, in that time frame and at that location. I initially share these events from my vantage point of before being born into the earth, as I am easily able to look into one realm from another. Keep in mind that we are all known before the foundation of our world and before being formed in mother’s womb (Ephesians 1:4 and Jeremiah 1:5). I, therefore, initially relay events from a pre-earth consciousness state, while anticipating that specific time, my turn to be born into this realm of redemption. It is not a long wait, from a pre-earth perspective, as time is introduced, only, into this earthly realm, to create a beginning and an end. Time actually stretches events out, thus slows things down. Events in another realm, then, take place at a comparatively quickened pace, in relation to the earth (3). Think of a list of events written on a piece of paper, folded up like an accordion, unless experienced on the earth, where that piece of paper gets all stretched out. This sense of time, is not experienced in eternity, because of having no measured beginning or end. The reason for the specific point of time, in human history, that I wait to be born into, is because of my specific part, agreed upon, during my individual sentencing, into this realm of redemption, that is to take place during the earthly Biblical “end times”, when life experiences will prepare me to take part in the great end time harvest. I will, thus, find myself among the remnant, the symbolic Church of Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13), who will, most likely, be a part of preaching the gospel all over the world, (Matthew 24:14) in preparation for the angels to be able to gather the Elect, (Matthew 24:31) the chosen scattered sheep (4), from the four corners of the earth.

Those of us born into the earth, this realm of redemption, in the first place, is because of being among the “middle of the roaders”, so to speak, describing the neutral position that we take when still in Heaven (5), before being born. This was during when the age old war between good and evil first breaks out, initiated by satan (then Lucifer). Our neutral position, that we take, is what leads to us being assigned to this realm of redemption, outside of Heaven, that of the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1). I think us “middle of the roaders” thought that we would play it safe by not taking sides! Such a decision, however, did not, necessarily work out, although it could have been worse, as we were not condemned like some of the others! The Bible describes, in Revelation 12:9-12, that 1/3, out of all of us, who were there in Heaven, at that time, the angels, sided with Lucifer, in this age old war between good and evil, as he wanted to elevate himself, above all, even God, to become “god”, himself (Isaiah 14:13). This got Lucifer and his followers kicked out and condemned, with him, who will eventually experience the forthcoming consequences of condemnation, as a result of the sentence., This 1/3 tells me that there must have been three groups, the one condemned to be kicked out with satan, the ones who remain loyal to stay in Heaven with the Father. There, then, must have been us “middle-of-the roaders” who remain neutral, taking no side. Unfortunately, we did not take a stand with those who remain loyal to the Father. Instead, us “middle-of-the roaders”, are given a chance for redemption and reconciliation, at least able to escape the worst, that of condemnation.

This is where the Word of God picks up in Genesis 1:1, as us middle-of-the-roaders have apparently just been before Father God and those who remain loyal, to stay in Heaven, with Him, referred to as the council, known as Elohim (6). This is the word used in the original text, that gets translated as God, with the plural form of the original word thought to be indicating the Trinity. Such understanding leaves out the concept of the council, that the original word, Elohim, indicates. Having just been sentenced to a realm of redemption by this council, confirmed by Father God, we are given a second chance in a new location, outside of Heaven, where both the Light and the dark are allowed to coexist for a chance to choose. As Elohim sentences us to this new realm, the blueprints are established for this new realm. At this point Father God goes about creating the heaven and the earth, thus all of Elohim plays a part in the creation, as is stated in Genesis 1:1, where it says “In the beginning God (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth.

Having been given a second chance, after being lukewarm, our familiar “middle-of-the-roader” position, will now get us spewed out of the Father’s mouth, if pursued in this new realm. (Revelation 3:16) As this sentence of a second chance, is better than condemnation, we find ourselves singing and shouting together for joy (Job 38:6-8), at the creation of this unique realm, our new home. During our stay, in our temporary home, each is assigned to our specific timeframe in human (earthly) history, in which to be born,, I was assigned, like the rest of us who are currently alive on the earth, at this time, to be here during this latter generation, Even so, I have been able to look into the earthly realm, from my pre-birth, pre-earth consciousness state, without a problem, to begin narrating our human story, from that perspective, starting at the very beginning, the first moment of creation and the Garden of Eden, to proceed on through to the present, at which I later narrate from the perspective of my earthly life, having, now, been born here onto the earth.

My life, once born into the earth, this realm of redemption, like everyone else’s, is a unique set of circumstances, that are my own, based on my sentence, My earthly life includes a very secure and loving family, able to carelessly play, as a child, out in our safe back yard of green grass and sunshine! My life also included, however, the minor struggles of being born blind in one eye. This allows my shortcoming of a tendency for hiding and lying, out of insecurity, to come to the surface, thus exposed, in order to be dealt with. Having strategically been given a loving earthly Father of the utmost integrity, who was going to deal with such a weakness, one way or the other, as he sure enough did, proved to be exactly what the Dr., I mean, God ordered! This must have been an area of weakness agreed upon before my being born into this world, with the right circumstances to bring out that area needed to be worked on, a serious shortcoming, for sure! I’m thinking that, perhaps, while, yet, in Heaven, I was asked what side I chose. The Truth never hidden, there, I’m guessing that I said that I sided with the Heavenly Father, even though the answer was contrary to that. I consider myself fortunate, however, that even though I obviously had issues to deal with, I was born into situations that are much less severe then many others. I ponder those who are beheaded for their faith, for example. The question becomes one of wondering if those circumstances are because of having to work something out, such as my own childhood/ early adulthood lying, or is it a specific calling of honor to become a sacrifice as in a special position, assigned to, with great rewards that await those who give their lives for the cause of Christ. Not being privy to someone else’s time in front of Elohim, prior to being born into this world, it is hard to say.

As we BLOG THROUGH THE BIBLE, together, during this time when the earthly powers that be are strategically moving society away from the One True God and His Word, my novel series that FOLLOWS HUMAN HISTORY FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE, TOLD IN HISTORICAL FICTION GENRE, WRITTEN IN NOVEL FORMAT FOR AN ENJOYABLE “YOU-ARE-THERE” KIND OF READ will be refreshing and enlightening, for sure.

The above mentioned series is not meant to replace the Bible, but is to be used as a reference to help put the Bible student directly in Biblical times, places, in this realm and others, as well as specific events in Biblical history, for enhanced Bible Study. This novel series “The Father and His Family”, as indicated, herein, with the first book “Our Story Begins” will soon be published and ready for purchase. This first book starts at creation, addressing the discrepancy between the Biblical indication for the age of the earth and the age that science suggests, not to mention a flat earth model, where planets are not mentioned in the Bible, with only stars and wondering stars, which is what we call the planets, today. Yes, this suggests NASA being very much a part of the age of deceit, that mark these days! The first book concludes right after Noah’s flood, tracking the migration of races, after the flood, concluding, as stated before, with Nimrod’s Tower of Babel and attempt at a world order.

  1. This Biblical event is actually a reference to the principalities, powers and wickedness in high places, mentioned in Ephesians 6:12, that we are to be praying against. Such represents the evil manipulating “hidden hand” that runs down throughout human history, to often be highlighted in the news, from various perspectives. The Pope, for instance, was recently reported as having visited this very area, now, modern day Iraq. Such areas and events will be the focal points for this Biblically historical endeavor, in relating past and present perspectives.
  2. A number meaning complete, like the number of days within a week.
  3. A quickened period, not stretched out by earthly time, comes into play, once passing on, from the earth. thus, most likely, works out that everyone simultaneously reaches their time of being before the Father, during the same event.
  4. The ten lost tribes of Israel that got scattered all over the world, to be incorporated into the pagan cultures of the world to lose their identity, thus could even include you and me!
  5. Scriptures that indicate all of us being gods, as in our prior Heavenly existence, not as in a status of Heavenly Father, would be John 10:34, that points specifically to Psalms 82:6.
  6. Elohim’s plural form does not indicate Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as many believe, but indicates a council in the original Hebrew meaning.


While each book in this series is released one at a time, upon completion, an ENTIRE SERIES – EARLY ORDER OPTION is available, offering a discount, where you will automatically receive each book, in the series, as it is published and released like a book club. The series is expected to consist of 12 books, Your discounted price is set at only $12.00 per paperback book, a savings of $2.00 each, with a total cost expected to be $144.00, payable at the time of the order. The ordering process begins by emailing me about your interest on purchasing my series or just the first book, whatever you choose. Email me at BibleNovel@aol.com. Please include your name, address and mailing address indicating if this purchase is a gift. Please note “NOVEL SERIES” in the email subject line. I will, then, invoice you by email. I look forward to hearing from you!


In order to easily find specific topics, covered within this blog, there will be several noted main categories within which each post will be saved. This will ensure an easy search within this blog. These categories will include such areas as *FEASTS” (Holidays), CURRENT EVENTS”, to name a few. Under “PEOPLE GROUPS” there will be a focus on the migration of bloodlines, at key times, like after the flood and the dispersing of people groups when language is confounded at the Tower of Babel, the scattering of the ten lost tribes when Assyria captured the northern kingdom of Israel, upon God divorcing them, to be integrated among the known cultures within the world in that day. Could one of these lost tribes include you or I? Another major category to be referenced within this blog will include CURRENT EVENTS, drawing a correlation between what is going on today with different nations and people groups, compared to Biblical days. Specific topics covered, might include Israel and general politics, Temple news, as well as current issues, to include COVID and the vaccine, etc.


As a seeker of Truth, I am a researcher and writer. My ability to write comes from God, Himself! I was born to research and write for Him, at exactly this specific time, nearing the end times of human history! In my search, I have found that the God of the Bible is, without question, the one true God, God above all Gods! This is what I bring out in my writing, a revelation of who the One True God is, all down throughout human history. The Bible proves to be the true Word of God, as it follows human history rather than merely presenting itself as a book of do’s and don’t’ like other texts considered to be sacred. This sacred Book is the only book that addresses and provides an answer to the fallen human condition that involves a sinful nature, obvious in all cultures, according to my studies of human history. It becomes obvious that while other gods require followers to kill for them, the One True God dies for mankind, a marked difference from all of the other gods and is proof that the God of the Bible is, indeed, the One True God! The Bible is the only book that starts right where the Creator would start, at creation!

If money is an issue during these unusual times, because of COVID, there should be no reason for this novel series to not be able to get into the hands of whoever wants this series. When emailing me, let me know that this is your situation and links will be emailed to you to be able to retrieve your digital copies at no charge. God Bless! Anyone wanting to give beyond the cost of your order to cover such efforts is most appreciated. Just make a notation that that is what the extra money, over and above your invoice amount, is for! Many blessings to those who make such a donation!

In addition to my novel series, I have T-Shirts also available. To order, please also email me at BibleNovel@aol.com and note T-Shirt in subject line. Be sure to note quantity, sizes and mailing address. Cost is $10.00/ shirt plus tax. Shipping charges may apply. I will invoice you by email.

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