As we BLOG THROUGH THE BIBLE in 2021, during this time when the “powers that be” will be strategically moving society away from the One True God and His Word, my novel series that FOLLOWS HUMAN HISTORY FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE, TOLD IN HISTORICAL FICTION, WRITTEN IN NOVEL FORMAT FOR AN ENJOYABLE “YOU-ARE-THERE” KIND OF READ will be referenced.

The above mentioned series is not meant to replace the Bible, but to be used as a reference to help put the Bible student right in Biblical times, places and events during Bible Study. This novel series “The Father and His Family”, with the first book “His-Story Begins” will soon be published and ready for you to purchase soon, during the beginning months of 2021. This first book starts at creation, addressing the discrepancy between the Biblical indication of the age of the earth and the age that science suggests.

A SERIES EARLY ORDER OPTION is available, giving you a discount, where you will automatically receive each book, in the series, as it is published and released. The series is expected to consist of 27 books. Your discounted price is set at only $10.00 per paperback book, with the series expected to consist of a total of 27 books, bringing the discounted pre-purchase price of the entire series to only $270.00. The ordering process begins by emailing me about your interest in purchasing my series or just the first book at BibleNovel@aol.com. Please include your name, address and mailing address if this purchase is a gift. Please note “NOVEL SERIES” in the email subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!


As a seeker of Truth, I am a researcher and writer. My ability to write comes from God, Himself! I was born to research and write for Him, during this specific time, nearing the end times in human history! In my search, I have found that the God of the Bible is, without question, the one true God, God above all Gods! This is what I bring out in my writing, proof of who the One True God is, the God of the Bible. It becomes obviously that the One True God, is the God of the Bible, all down throughout human history. The Bible proves this in following human history rather than presenting itself as a book of do’s and don’t’s like other texts considered to be sacred. The Bible is the only book that addresses and provides an answer to the fallen human condition that involves a sinful nature, obvious in all cultures! In my studies, it becomes obvious that while other gods require followers to kill for them, the One True God dies for mankind, a marked difference from all of the rest and is proof that the God of the Bible is the One True God!

T-Shirts also available. To order, please email me at BibleNovel@aol.com and note T-Shirt in subject line. Be sure to not quantity, sizes and mailing address. Cost is $10.00/ shirt plus tax. Shipping charges may apply.

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